Animal Print -

Alright. So I know wearing animal print of any kind can be scary. I love how expressive and fierce it is but I never want to look too bougie, or like I should be wearing baby pink lipgloss with backcombed hair and fake French-tip nails. This time I have Skylar and Jhely to demonstrate how I would wear leopard and snake print on a day-to-day, and a nice friendly lady on the streets of downtown commented that we were "straight pimpin" so if I can't convince you, I hope that THAT will. 

This stunning leopard print dress from The Bay demonstrates the first thing I want to talk about: statement pieces. With animal print, you don't want to double up - too much makes the outfit messy. If you really want yours to be more eye catching, you can try pairing leopard with other prints, like plaid or florals (sounds crazy, I know, but it's modern and bright, and is more appropriate during the summer months, so get your pattern fix in before Fall)!

I love these boots from Ego, their brown heel keeps the colour from the dress flowing, and also keeps the outfit warm. Also remember, that you don't have to be afraid of colour while wearing statement prints; this deep blue adds more elegance and creativity than a black or brown jacket would.


Jhely shows how slick some zebra print Vans can make a simple outfit. This flirty TopShop wrap-dress (unavailable online but still available in store) is classy, and could be paired with an animal print bag or even scarf. These Vans from Gravity Pope make this outfit eye-catching. Most people treat Vans as a casual shoe (like the checkerboard ones in the last editorial), but these pony hair bad boys are more dressy than the average slip-on sneaker. 


I cannot emphasis how important a simple black jacket is. This one is from Aritzia (also in the last editorial), and is my ultimate go-to. The longer the jacket, the classier it becomes! 

Black on black. Not only my fav, but probably the safest way to wear bold pattern shoes. These snake skin bad boys from Urban Outfitters don't have to pair with a fur coat, they could work with black jeans, a black dress, a black skirt, anything! This body-con dress was $12 dollars from Forever 21, glamorous doesn't have to mean expensive. 

The colour scheme of these boots makes them easy to pair with all sorts of colours. Can't you picture them with a pair of navy boyfriend jeans? Bold print can mean casual,at the same time it means fancy! 

Another fun way to play with leopard print is textures. This baby pink dress from Forever 21 (available in Canadian stores) is so fuzzy and cuddly, making it an effortless transition from summer to fall. This jacket is from Winners, could you even call it trashy? That's what's so scary about animal prints, but there's always a way to stay classy! 

My last tip is accessories. This is a belt from a thrifted jacket (from Vespucci), but it works just as well as a skinny scarf - which are slowly making their fashion return. I would not pair it with snakeskin boots, but it plays the same way as a statement necklace would on a plain black shirt. It draws the eye and keeps things interesting! 


Thank you to these amazing ladies!!! AND Colina who graciously photographed this shoot :)