DEADlocks by Marc Jacobs

-I am breaking my Monday blog writing hiatus on account of I needed to say something about this, and I am sorry for any errors I’m in between classes and needed to get this out there-

So, for anyone unaware of what’s been going on, Marc Jacobs recently debuted his SS 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week. If you follow Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid on instagram, you’ve seen the crazy colourful hairstyle I’m going to be talking about, but before I start, I want to talk a bit about Marc Jacobs, and how he handled this situation.

MARC FRIGGEN JACOBS is one of my absolute favourite designers, not because his ready-to-wear Marc by Marc purses are carried at Aritzia, but because of what he’s done for modern day fashion. He was fired from his position at Perry Ellis for breaking boundaries, with a collection dedicated to the streetwear of people in Seattle. Have you ever worn a flannel shirt? Have you ever used the word “grunge”? You can thank him for that. 

This was the first collection of its kind to ever be on the cover of Vogue magazine, and he was awarded for it. 

Have you ever seen monogram Louis Vuitton bags? Marc was the creative designer at LV up until 2013, and he created the companies first ever Ready-To-Wear collection. Do you have a Louis Vuitton scarf or a monogram bag? Thank him.

So that’s all I’m going to say about Marc, other than the fact he named is perfume after his dog at the time, “Daisy”. I like the guy. 

What I don’t like is how he handled the controversy over the hair style chosen for his current runway show. Marc like all designers, have the final say in how they want their clothing to be portrayed, what style they want the hair and makeup to resemble, how they want their models to walk. He would have been the final word behind the hair and makeup of this show. 

What’s controversial about it, is his use of “dreads”. His team spent hours at a time on each model, twisting in bright and colourful pieces of yarn dreadlocks, resembling a “rave-art” and ultra 2000s sort of glam. If you remember that Fashion Police mess with Giulianna ragging on Zendaya’s dread locks on the red carpet, you can read all about why they are such an amazing part of her culture and heritage anywhere online - Z puts it brilliantly and I cannot explain it any better.

On my twitter feed, and on Marc Jacob’s instagram, all I was shown was hate. People of colour were disgusted by his use of dreadlocks, and that he didn’t use women of colour to model his clothes (I did however notice a range in model diversities). People are very upset, and Marc took to Instagram to defend himself, stating something along the lines of, “no one gets mad at women of colour for straightening their hair.” That was dumb.

For someone who revolutionized the fashion industry in many ways to completely disregard a huge portion of his customer base and the trials they have been through is inexcusable. He should have let his PR team handle it.

In my opinion, I do not think his use of colourful yarn dreadlocks was offensive. I feel that he should not have used them, this is a very sensitive time with so much progress being made for equal treatment and equal rights, and his use of a “black hairstyle” on white women is demonstrating - ever so slightly - white privilege. How come when Zendaya wore dreadlocks on the red carpet, she was criticized, but when white fashion models wear a crazy interpretation of them, they’re idolized and are “fashion forward”? This doesn’t make sense.

I don’t believe the first thought in Marc’s head was “how can I offend people all over the world with one hair style”. I do not believe it was intentional, I believe it was his creative expression on how he wanted his idea of “crazy hair” to look like. I understand how people are offended by it, and I absolutely believe he should have chosen something else. 

I am upset that we cannot share between cultures- without an added stigma - self expressive elements as simple as hair, I am upset with what the world just generally is right now. I am upset his use of such a beautiful hair style and that his interpretation of it was not embraced - but without him recognizing where the hair style came from, he’s turned it into a position of white privilege, whether he meant to or not. 

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this, and I think I might write another post all about people’s reactions. So if you would like to be a part of that, please send me a message!! 



What on Earth are You Saying?

OKAY something I would like to talk about is fashion terminology. You need a whole dictionary just to understand everything that fashionistas are talking about - but not really. Lots of it is repetitive, and in my opinion, meaningless.

TERMS I AM SICK OF HEARING: fresh, clean, timeless, priceless, effortless, classic, chic, etc.

"Wow that top is so fresh" what the hell does that mean? How about, "wow I've never seen a top like that, it's revolutionary" or maybe even "wow that top is so new and futuristic." Or by fresh do you mean it smells good? Like laundry, fresh? SPECIFY.

I love clothes and I care about fashion a bit more than the average person, and I want it all to be respected. Sometimes you'll see hate and ignorance toward a runway/couture collection, but do the trolls understand the time and effort that went into that? I can hardly sew a scarf without getting frustrated. People get inspired in crazy ways, and express creativity in different ways. I love seeing crazy creative collections, if you really wanna see something cool Google Hussein Chalayan. 

It might be easy to ridicule something, but my challenge for all of the trolls and all of the fashionistas, is to describe the next piece you find with exactly what you're thinking - don't tell me it's cute or trendy or fresh. Tell me it's breathtaking, childish, exuberant, or mature. Impress me. 





Keep it Clean

If you've seen my room in real life then you know I probably am the last person to be writing about how to keep things clean, but I do have some ideas that I PROMISE I'll start following tomorrow. (My sister, on the other hand, is a wiz at keeping things ultra organized and beautiful, here's a link to her blog!)

When it comes to my clothes, I have a soft spot. I can't give away anything sentimental, and I always think some random top is gonna come back in style (and when that happens I better be prepared) so I can't throw anything away. But I do donate to GoodWill before school starts every year! A good way to push yourself to get rid of something is to know that someone else probably needs it more than you do. 

Storage. Keep styles separate: tops in one area, hoodies in another, while t-shirts and sweatpants can be folded and put away. You can try sorting things by colour, it makes quite a pretty view! Also, if you have a huge collection of bras, bralettes, scarves, or even tank tops that are taking up way too much space, try hanging them all on one thick hanger. 

I've recently invested in a separate clothing rack, it started as mainly an area to organize the clothes for my editorial shoots, but now it's become kind of a display piece. I've put all of my favourite (and most beautiful) pieces on the same colour of hanger, all together on this rack - it makes it easy in the mornings to know my go-to items are all in one spot! (Plus it looks really cool and professional.)

I also keep my everyday shoes downstairs, and my fancier ones upstairs. (I don't want to track in any dirt from outside into my closet!)

A GOOD THING TO KNOW: never hang your knits - even my boyfriend knows it at this point. If you hang a knit sweater on a hanger, it'll actually stretch and grow; the speed will depend on how tight the knit actually is. 

Purses: dust bags exist for a reason. If your handbag came with one, USE IT! They keep off so much unwanted dust and grime, especially if it's a fancier bag and isn't being used as often. Also, if your shoes came with dust bags, that's an added bonus. The darker the shoe (or more suede-y the shoe,) the more dust it will show. Keep them covered if you don't take them out often!

Honestly, a major tip is the better you treat your clothes, the longer they're going to last. I've had some pieces since junior high, and I've been known to cry over staining a blouse, I just really care about my clothes! Your outfits are masterpieces, but they can only be as amazing as the quality of the clothes themselves. I hope this helps anyone who needed it, and I hope you start donating soon! 



Dress to Impress... Who?

Posting on a Monday... Back on track baby. 

You've probably heard the term "dress to impress" before, right? So when you're on the red carpet, dress to impress. When you're graduating high-school, dress to impress. When you're living everyday life, dress to impress? That one's a bit tougher. I find that on my university campus, for example, you're judged pretty hard if you aren't wearing yoga pants and a hoodie. If I want to wear any type of footwear that has a loud heel to the grocery store, I'll get dirty looks. I don't get it. Is it an age thing? As if you're not allowed to dress with "style" unless you're a business professional? So what if I'm 20 and want to wear high heels, does it really make a difference in your life? 

It's probably common knowledge here at this point that I went to fashion school, and let me tell you, people did NOT wear sweatpants there. I did once (after working a super early morning shift) and I have never gotten that many dirty looks in my life. Long story short, I was used to putting a lot of effort into my outfits. Once I started attending university, the spectrum totally flipped - if you look like you've put any effort into your appearance at all, you're trying to hard or are too focused on the "wrong things", in comparison to your studies. Alright screw that. 

I went shopping with my mom, and she is probably my biggest confidence source. Every time I put on a nice outfit she raves about how good I look and how fashionable I am, and I do the same for her! But after trying on some super cute pieces, I was wondering how I was going to fit them into my life as a full-time student. She was astounded, said I needed to dress for myself, and that I'm young and should have fun. Go mom. 

SO AS OF THIS MINUTE, I don't care. I don't care about the looks from people in sweatpants, I don't care about the looks from grocery clerks, and I don't care about how early in the morning it is; If I have a super cute outfit in mind, maybe even with a heeled shoe, I'm going to wear it. I keep thinking how much I miss dressing up all fancy, but that doesn't make sense... why am I missing something I can continue doing RIGHT NOW? 

My main point here is dress to impress, yourself. Wear what you want to wear, everyday. It doesn't matter what the people around you are wearing, if you want to look a certain way, you have all of the power to do so. 



Sorry I'm Late

Just realized it's Tuesday... I guess being a fashion blogger is a lot more professional than I thought? Well, anyway, I guess today I want to talk about families. I know that has nothing to do with fashion but let's make it work here - your family is your most fashionable accessory. Your most modern, elegant, timeless, avant-garde, traditional, accessory. 

SO. If you have a pair of diamond earrings, how well do you treat them? Probably pretty well. I'm guessing you keep them in the box, maybe have a cleaning cloth or take them to get professionally polished? Maybe they have some significant memory attached to them, or maybe you lost them in an ocean once (Kim K reference). But either way, you love those earrings. 

Have you ever thrown your diamond earrings across the room? Have you ever misplaced them? Do you store them in their box or just toss them on the bathroom counter? Well the better you treat them, the longer they're gonna last, and the more they're gonna sparkle.

HINT: Your family is the pair of diamond earrings - you may not wear them everyday but they're always in your jewelry box.

I love my diamond earrings. They're bloody huge. And you know what? They're always around. Always. Before, they didn't make as many appearances, but now I catch a glimpse of their sparkle everyday (omg how cute was that?). Sometimes they're mistreated by other people and it upsets me SO much, because it's something so important to me, but I can't do anything about the damage that's already been done. All I know is that I can treat my earrings with the most respect and dignity they deserve, and thank them for being such an amazing part of my wardrobe (and I take my wardrobe VERY seriously). 

All I want to say here is: be nice to your diamonds. No diamond is perfect, and no pair is the same. Don't compare them to someone else's, but don't leave them in your jewelry box. Be kind, be thankful, be loving, and embrace the time you have with them, because you never know when one is going to fall off into the ocean. 




Who am I - Where TF did This Blog Come From?

Hi, I'm Rachel, and I guess this is going to be a little journey to the centre of my brain... And how in the heck I made it here. 

I'm 20, Canadian, a major dog person, I hate scary movies, and I love marble (can you tell?). I can't stand it when people say "passion for fashion" or when they walk way too slow in front of me. I've found that the one thing I always come back to when someones asks what do you want to do with your life is fashion - I'm not quite sure exactly what that means yet, but I know it's gotta be fashion. 

So what does this blog have to do with your fashion career? Not sure yet. All I know is that I love styling, writing, and talking to people about clothes... Plus I have a diploma in Fashion Merchandising.  

Getting that degree was one of the best experiences of my life! About halfway in I decided I wanted to start a website, but was way too intimidated; people at fashion school dress pretty well and that scared me, but then I schooled myself in self-confidence (see my previous post "10 Seconds"). I focused on my education, rocked the hell out of that diploma, and got my ass in gear.

I got distracted from this idea of building a website when I moved back home to attend university, but throughout my first year I longed for that fashion environment. Joe Rogan talked about this website builder called SquareSpace on his podcast, so I finally forced myself to actually do it, and I guess that brings us here! 

I guess my main goal is to help people - I get asked for advice on outfits and to help people shop a lot, so this is a big little place where all of that can mesh into one. This section is just for my thoughts and for ranting (sorry), but I really do hope I've given some useful advice or even helped someone pick an outfit! 

So the moral of this long story is that I love clothes - I take way too long to get dressed - I love telling people what to wear, and I love writing about it. That's about it! Thanks for coming along with me :)



Brandy Melville

First of all I know everyone and their mom has written about Brandy Melville but I love my mom so let’s do this.

Side note: I complain about this store just as much as the next person, but I also love their clothing. I just can’t groove with this idea of “one size fits all”. Mr. Melville have you looked outside? No girl or boy looks the same, and they most definitely do not have the same body proportions. Therefore, one size cannot fit all. It just doesn’t make sense. Think of people like beds; if Sleep Country said “this fitted sheets fits all mattresses”, then it better bloody fit my mom’s king bed, my queen, and my dog’s twin. (Just kidding she doesn’t have a twin it’s more of a double). 

I love body positivity. I’ve struggled with self love since junior high, but everyday I tell myself I’m perfect, and somewhere along the way I decided to believe it. Well, kinda. The first time I stepped into a Brandy Melville store I loved everything. Like I said before, I love their clothes! But when I went to try everything on, not a single pair of pants fit my big butt, the dresses were too short, and the crop tops were waaaaay too tight. I didn’t feel perfect. 

It doesn’t matter how much space you take up, or how much you weigh. I’ve made a decision to not weigh myself, and I haven’t counted calories in years. Life’s too short, right? No girl or boy should walk in to a clothing store and automatically feel degraded. Clothing isn’t necessary.   Adam and Eve didn’t need it until after the whole poison apple thing, right? I love clothes SO MUCH; It takes me at least four tries at an outfit before I get it maybe half right, but it doesn’t mean my clothes define me, and a single store shouldn’t define how “all” should look. 

So, Brandy Melville, drop the “one size fits all” baloney, and don’t rebuttal with “one size fits most”. Because, again, a twin sheet ain’t gonna fit a king. 

But for real those alien head shirts are really cute. 




10 Seconds

“If you’re going to comment on something someone can’t change in 10 seconds, don’t.” Not totally sure who said this, but it’s pretty important. I’ve been living solely through positivity and self-expression the last couple of days, and trying not to focus on how other people express themselves. THIS IS HARD: I'm a fashion school graduate, it’s my job to study clothes 24/7 (so if you think I’m checking you out, I promise I’m just studying your outfit). It’s a habit, and there’s nothing wrong with it. What IS wrong on the other hand is judging someone because what they’re wearing. Joan Rivers, bless her soul, once said something along the lines of “I will make fun of what a celebrity is wearing, because they have all of the money in the world. However, I will never bully someone on the street; I don’t know their situation, and I do not know how much money they make”, and neither do we.

Crocs: awful. Personally, I haven’t thought about slipping my foot into one of their sweaty rubber souls since sixth grade, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t someone else’s dream, right? When I was sent a picture my seven year old cousin ROCKING bright blue crocks with a pink floral maxi skirt, was I about to tell her to shut it down? Absolutely not! We love when kids chose what they want to wear, it’s the best; their personalities shine through and we realize David really likes zebra stripes, or Katie is in love with pleather. When did that change? 

We are judged every. single. day, and a huge part of that is about what we’re wearing. 

I’ve adopted a new theory recently, and I’m kind of loving how easy getting dressed in the morning has become (also, I find myself saying “literally” too often), but my theory is this: literally, who cares? 

I sure don’t. 

Slay the scene with your crocs, I respect you for it. Dye your hair every colour of the rainbow because that’s what you’re feeling today. Wear the same outfit you wore yesterday because it was bomb and you’re not done with it yet. Because, well, literally who cares?

If everyone could chill out with the judgement for a second like we did when we were kids, day-to-day would get a whole lot simpler.