Who am I - Where TF did This Blog Come From?

Hi, I'm Rachel, and I guess this is going to be a little journey to the centre of my brain... And how in the heck I made it here. 

I'm 20, Canadian, a major dog person, I hate scary movies, and I love marble (can you tell?). I can't stand it when people say "passion for fashion" or when they walk way too slow in front of me. I've found that the one thing I always come back to when someones asks what do you want to do with your life is fashion - I'm not quite sure exactly what that means yet, but I know it's gotta be fashion. 

So what does this blog have to do with your fashion career? Not sure yet. All I know is that I love styling, writing, and talking to people about clothes... Plus I have a diploma in Fashion Merchandising.  

Getting that degree was one of the best experiences of my life! About halfway in I decided I wanted to start a website, but was way too intimidated; people at fashion school dress pretty well and that scared me, but then I schooled myself in self-confidence (see my previous post "10 Seconds"). I focused on my education, rocked the hell out of that diploma, and got my ass in gear.

I got distracted from this idea of building a website when I moved back home to attend university, but throughout my first year I longed for that fashion environment. Joe Rogan talked about this website builder called SquareSpace on his podcast, so I finally forced myself to actually do it, and I guess that brings us here! 

I guess my main goal is to help people - I get asked for advice on outfits and to help people shop a lot, so this is a big little place where all of that can mesh into one. This section is just for my thoughts and for ranting (sorry), but I really do hope I've given some useful advice or even helped someone pick an outfit! 

So the moral of this long story is that I love clothes - I take way too long to get dressed - I love telling people what to wear, and I love writing about it. That's about it! Thanks for coming along with me :)