Sorry I'm Late

Just realized it's Tuesday... I guess being a fashion blogger is a lot more professional than I thought? Well, anyway, I guess today I want to talk about families. I know that has nothing to do with fashion but let's make it work here - your family is your most fashionable accessory. Your most modern, elegant, timeless, avant-garde, traditional, accessory. 

SO. If you have a pair of diamond earrings, how well do you treat them? Probably pretty well. I'm guessing you keep them in the box, maybe have a cleaning cloth or take them to get professionally polished? Maybe they have some significant memory attached to them, or maybe you lost them in an ocean once (Kim K reference). But either way, you love those earrings. 

Have you ever thrown your diamond earrings across the room? Have you ever misplaced them? Do you store them in their box or just toss them on the bathroom counter? Well the better you treat them, the longer they're gonna last, and the more they're gonna sparkle.

HINT: Your family is the pair of diamond earrings - you may not wear them everyday but they're always in your jewelry box.

I love my diamond earrings. They're bloody huge. And you know what? They're always around. Always. Before, they didn't make as many appearances, but now I catch a glimpse of their sparkle everyday (omg how cute was that?). Sometimes they're mistreated by other people and it upsets me SO much, because it's something so important to me, but I can't do anything about the damage that's already been done. All I know is that I can treat my earrings with the most respect and dignity they deserve, and thank them for being such an amazing part of my wardrobe (and I take my wardrobe VERY seriously). 

All I want to say here is: be nice to your diamonds. No diamond is perfect, and no pair is the same. Don't compare them to someone else's, but don't leave them in your jewelry box. Be kind, be thankful, be loving, and embrace the time you have with them, because you never know when one is going to fall off into the ocean.