Brandy Melville

First of all I know everyone and their mom has written about Brandy Melville but I love my mom so let’s do this.

Side note: I complain about this store just as much as the next person, but I also love their clothing. I just can’t groove with this idea of “one size fits all”. Mr. Melville have you looked outside? No girl or boy looks the same, and they most definitely do not have the same body proportions. Therefore, one size cannot fit all. It just doesn’t make sense. Think of people like beds; if Sleep Country said “this fitted sheets fits all mattresses”, then it better bloody fit my mom’s king bed, my queen, and my dog’s twin. (Just kidding she doesn’t have a twin it’s more of a double). 

I love body positivity. I’ve struggled with self love since junior high, but everyday I tell myself I’m perfect, and somewhere along the way I decided to believe it. Well, kinda. The first time I stepped into a Brandy Melville store I loved everything. Like I said before, I love their clothes! But when I went to try everything on, not a single pair of pants fit my big butt, the dresses were too short, and the crop tops were waaaaay too tight. I didn’t feel perfect. 

It doesn’t matter how much space you take up, or how much you weigh. I’ve made a decision to not weigh myself, and I haven’t counted calories in years. Life’s too short, right? No girl or boy should walk in to a clothing store and automatically feel degraded. Clothing isn’t necessary.   Adam and Eve didn’t need it until after the whole poison apple thing, right? I love clothes SO MUCH; It takes me at least four tries at an outfit before I get it maybe half right, but it doesn’t mean my clothes define me, and a single store shouldn’t define how “all” should look. 

So, Brandy Melville, drop the “one size fits all” baloney, and don’t rebuttal with “one size fits most”. Because, again, a twin sheet ain’t gonna fit a king. 

But for real those alien head shirts are really cute.