Keep it Clean

If you've seen my room in real life then you know I probably am the last person to be writing about how to keep things clean, but I do have some ideas that I PROMISE I'll start following tomorrow. (My sister, on the other hand, is a wiz at keeping things ultra organized and beautiful, here's a link to her blog!)

When it comes to my clothes, I have a soft spot. I can't give away anything sentimental, and I always think some random top is gonna come back in style (and when that happens I better be prepared) so I can't throw anything away. But I do donate to GoodWill before school starts every year! A good way to push yourself to get rid of something is to know that someone else probably needs it more than you do. 

Storage. Keep styles separate: tops in one area, hoodies in another, while t-shirts and sweatpants can be folded and put away. You can try sorting things by colour, it makes quite a pretty view! Also, if you have a huge collection of bras, bralettes, scarves, or even tank tops that are taking up way too much space, try hanging them all on one thick hanger. 

I've recently invested in a separate clothing rack, it started as mainly an area to organize the clothes for my editorial shoots, but now it's become kind of a display piece. I've put all of my favourite (and most beautiful) pieces on the same colour of hanger, all together on this rack - it makes it easy in the mornings to know my go-to items are all in one spot! (Plus it looks really cool and professional.)

I also keep my everyday shoes downstairs, and my fancier ones upstairs. (I don't want to track in any dirt from outside into my closet!)

A GOOD THING TO KNOW: never hang your knits - even my boyfriend knows it at this point. If you hang a knit sweater on a hanger, it'll actually stretch and grow; the speed will depend on how tight the knit actually is. 

Purses: dust bags exist for a reason. If your handbag came with one, USE IT! They keep off so much unwanted dust and grime, especially if it's a fancier bag and isn't being used as often. Also, if your shoes came with dust bags, that's an added bonus. The darker the shoe (or more suede-y the shoe,) the more dust it will show. Keep them covered if you don't take them out often!

Honestly, a major tip is the better you treat your clothes, the longer they're going to last. I've had some pieces since junior high, and I've been known to cry over staining a blouse, I just really care about my clothes! Your outfits are masterpieces, but they can only be as amazing as the quality of the clothes themselves. I hope this helps anyone who needed it, and I hope you start donating soon!