What on Earth are You Saying?

OKAY something I would like to talk about is fashion terminology. You need a whole dictionary just to understand everything that fashionistas are talking about - but not really. Lots of it is repetitive, and in my opinion, meaningless.

TERMS I AM SICK OF HEARING: fresh, clean, timeless, priceless, effortless, classic, chic, etc.

"Wow that top is so fresh" what the hell does that mean? How about, "wow I've never seen a top like that, it's revolutionary" or maybe even "wow that top is so new and futuristic." Or by fresh do you mean it smells good? Like laundry, fresh? SPECIFY.

I love clothes and I care about fashion a bit more than the average person, and I want it all to be respected. Sometimes you'll see hate and ignorance toward a runway/couture collection, but do the trolls understand the time and effort that went into that? I can hardly sew a scarf without getting frustrated. People get inspired in crazy ways, and express creativity in different ways. I love seeing crazy creative collections, if you really wanna see something cool Google Hussein Chalayan. 

It might be easy to ridicule something, but my challenge for all of the trolls and all of the fashionistas, is to describe the next piece you find with exactly what you're thinking - don't tell me it's cute or trendy or fresh. Tell me it's breathtaking, childish, exuberant, or mature. Impress me.