Hey remember me?


Howdy Hi aloha buenos dias  

Song to listen to while viewing this post: Praying by Kesha.

I have not even logged onto this website since I got back from New York, because I got scared, and I settled.

I have been ignoring what my heart has been wanting as well as my creativity. I have done nothing but doubt myself and my abilities to succeed, while simultaneously watching other people do exactly what I want to be doing. How did you manage that, Rach? 

Fashion has always been what makes me happiest, so why did I stop blogging? Because I was scared. I'm half way done my degree in education and it has taken loads of my time and attention, but I settled. I settled on the idea of being a teacher and disregarded my need to inspire myself and others. I can't even remember the last time I picked up a fashion magazine and that pisses me off. 

I'm mad at myself, but most importantly I'm proud of myself for realizing what was going on in my brain. This post marks my official return to working my ass off.

I can probably understand I'm not the right person to be giving advice, but if I could, it would be to look at what you're doing right now, and what you did yesterday. Did it make you happy? If it didn't, well, fuck it. 



Kenzie I love you so much. She pushed me to model for the first time in forever and I had soooooOOOooo much fun! We went down Whyte Ave and found so many neat places so if I anyone needs a good photo spot I hope I can help inspire. I keep trying to think of what I wanted the theme of this post to be, but all I can really think about is myself. These are outfits that I wear, and that I feel good in. Like, so good that I stared down a bus driver. 

I linked everything I could find online, I hope you love it all!

First fit details

cardigan: Joe Fresh

tube top: Aritzia

boyfriend jeans: Lucky Brand (on super sale at the WEM location go go go)

mules: ZARA online

leopard belt: H&M

purse: Pop & Suki

necklaces: Urban Outfitters

cross earrings: were my mom's

RR earrings: American Apparel RIP

gold rings: The Prettiest Present on High Street

My Remedy order is a soy chai just in case anyone wants to surprise me. 

Getting to do this has made me feel so excited about everything in store for me AND I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE THEM ALL WITH YOU <3 

Fit deets:

pink shoes: WINNERS MAN WINNERS get them before they're gone


glasses: Clearly

bag charm: Pop and Suki

hoops: Urban Outfitters

shorts: some up-styled Levi's from F as in Frank

If you need a photographer hire Kenzie. Her info will be linked on my insta! 

HOW COOl are these pants

coolest pants: ZARA online

backpack: Michael Kors

shoes: Steve Madden which are now on sale nice (from 90 to 40)

This one was meant to be a joke hahaha but she turned out didn't she!

fit deets

the jumpsuit: Forever 21 ... I know

eyelashes: #702 The Creme Shop

lip colour: creme cup by MAC

two fits one restaurant

white button up: H&M

Levi Wedgie fit jeans: Anthropologie (they're perfect just go buy them)

off the shoulder top: ZARA for 9 DOLLARS

vegan chai milkshake: Transcend Coffee . very coconutty

We went hard.

Thank you to everyone reading this and thank you everyone who hasn't stopped believing in me :)

love Rach.