Spring Forward - 

Now that spring has finally arrived in Edmonton, it's time to take advantage of all that nature around us - and what better way to do that than to wear it!  

Lymburn Elementary School is more than just an elementary school... It's also a killer place to take photos. This time we brought Malia, Kelani, their mama Camille and their brother Kai to show you how it's done! 

Rompers in general scream spring but add some flowers to it and man oh man. Matching the print on a piece of your outfit to an accessory (like Kelani's choker) is repetitively cute. 


Casual khaki drawstring shorts paired with a dress shirt and bow-tie turn an outfit from way too classy to way too cool. Adding some flowers to Kai's pocket kept the spring theme going, while also bringing more colour into his outfit - having only a print on his bow-tie would have made the whole outfit more dressy than what we were going for, and way too dressy for day-to-day!

Jumpsuits don't only have to be for special occasions: these bell-bottomed legs (just like Malia's jeans from last time) keep it playful, and the cutouts don't just show off her tattoo. The open back mixed with the V shaped neckline take this bodysuit from difficult to wear, to funky. It's also easy to build on: paired with a cardigan or leather jacket, a jumpsuit (or romper) can be dressed up or down, for any occasion.  

Keeping the flowery theme going strong, we added some into Camille's braids! The smaller the flower the more subtle the look, an easy but fun and colourful way to incorporate spring into an outfit (especially if you're not used to wearing colour). Skirts can also be easily dressed up with glamorous heels, or rocked with Vans and a jean jacket. I really love the idea of making an outfit your own, and letting your personality shine through! 

Patterns are key for spring, but they don't always have to be flowers. The more playful the better! 

Maxi dresses are the ultimate. Whenever I see someone in a maxi dress I always think about how much effort and time they put into their outfit. But honestly, they are SO easy, and SO elegant. 

Neutral colours aren't just safe, they also make it easy to transition from season to season. 

More maxi dresses! Malia's is sheer, paired over top of a floral bathing suit. Body suits and one-piece bathing suits are a fun alternatives to tank tops - especially when they ride up and your pants ride down... You know the feeling. Add some jean shorts underneath and this see through piece looks edgy but still season appropriate!

A fun way besides adding flowers to your hair to spunk up your style for spring, is makeup. We added flowers to Malia's arm, but you don't have to go to that extent to get the point across! Makeup is easy - it's not permanent, and if you screw up you can just try again. Drawing a couple flowers on the inside of your arm or even on your collarbone is a cute and easy way to incorporate colour. Kelani also rocked purple flowers on her eyelids, another fun and easy way to have some fun. 

This same choker can be used in so many different outfits! If you choose to wear a more black and white themed ensemble, try adding a colourful necklace, or one with a cool pattern. Jean skirts also come in so many different colours, so I highly recommend you experiment.

This outfit also proves that crop tops can be worn with class, and in spring. 

HUGE THANK YOU to http://www.joebulandaphotography.com I strongly recommend you check out his page. Another huge thank you to this beautiful family, you're all amazing.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to add flowers to your wardrobe, and how to enjoy spring clothing to the fullest! 


Floral skirt: Forever 21

White top: Vintage

Nude heels: Spring

Maxi dress: Forever 21



Floral bodysuit: Forever 21

Sheer dress: Vintage

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Wedges: Aldo


Floral romper: Forever 21

Daisy choker: Forever 21

Crop top: Forever 21

Jean skirt: Forever 21


Khaki shorts: Forever 21

White shirt: Children's Place

Bow-tie: Simons

Whale shirt: Forever 21