Living in Edmonton is confusing: spring has never quite sprung, and the snow never seems to stop - when stores come out with skirts and tank tops, it's never quite clear exactly how we should be wearing them. Instead of showing you brand new spring looks, my beautiful models Malia and Kelani are going to show you how to transition from winter to spring - Edmonton style. 


This destroyed denim skirt is an easy way to play up both femininity and edginess, and is also an awesome way to show off your legs. Since we're not quite in full on spring weather yet, I prefer to stick with muted colours or black and white - bright and vibrant shades are intimidating, but suede and linen in warm colours are easy to pull off, and easy to dress up or down! 

Black booties are an essential part of any wardrobe. No ifs ands or buts. 


Material mixing is a fun way to experiment without crossing too many lines - knitwear mixed with linen and chiffon is so plainly elegant it hurts. Playing with layers is also way too much fun - the more confusing an outfit is to put on the better! 

Layers are an important part of living in Alberta. When it's -10 degrees in the morning and +25 in the afternoon, being able to toss off a sweater is a blessing - what you're wearing under the sweater is what makes it fun! Keep experimenting until you find some sort of combinations of lengths that work for you. 


Back to layers: personally I think the bigger the better. This men's jean jacket really plays with the daintiness of an ivory summer dress, making something a little more on the formal side easier to wear day-to-day.

Since we're already talking about denim, let's talk about bell bottoms. Some people say they've been dead since the 70s, I say if Free People can make them look cool ANYONE can make them look cool. Especially Malia I mean damn. The shape of her jeans match the shape of her bell sleeved blouse, making this outfit a little on the disco side - but still completely wearable. 

A major component to every outfit is fearlessness. Other people truly do not care what you're wearing, so if you absolutely love your mom's leopard print pencil skirt or your dad's XL t-shirt, rock 'em. You look beautiful no matter what, trust me! 

I want to give a humungo shout out and thank you to everyone who helped make this shoot happen, my beautiful models Malia and Kelani, their awesome mama Camille, my outstanding photographer Joe (, his art crew Marilyn and Sarah, and my moral support Bob. Thanks also to everyone that's reading this, there's gonna be a ton more where this came from.

Outfit details Kelani:

Grey floor length knit sweater - Lucid Lifestyle

White high-low top - Oak + Fort

Linen pants - Aritzia

Sandals - Free People

Jean jacket - TopMan

Ivory dress - Aritzia



Suede jacket - Aritzia

Black tank top - TopShop

White denim skirt - Aritzia

Black booties - Aldo

Crochet top - American Eagle

Bell Bottom Jeans - Free People

Brown booties - Winners