colour? in winter?


Blogging is an INTIMIDATING game. 

Putting yourself out there is hard, believing in yourself is harder. Creating this website was one of the smartest things I'ver ever done, and it has given me so many opportunities to express my creativity. I haven't posted anything on here in a hot minute, and I'm going to write a little something explaining that soon. But before I get into the clothes, I just want to say this: if you're dealing with stress, low self-confidence, or anxiety, make time to do what you love. Please make time to do what you love. Letting doubt set in will not make things easier, it will only lead to more doubt. You are capable of so much, please don't forget to show it. 

That's all for the sappy stuff, let's talk about winter. 


Although I wear black, white and grey absolutely all year long, I try to add a little bit of colour in the winter. I get bored of seeing the typical burgundy and mustard colours seep their way in every year, so this time I figured I'd change things up. I try to think of winter like I'm adding the Gingham Instagram filter to my outfits: no warm tones, and no bright colours (if you want to see that filter in action, check out @barefootlouboutins on Instagram)! Try considering light pink - not hot pink, light pink. It's pretty against the snow, and is easy to pair with a black and white outfit. Besides beige, another colour I like to add is olive green. This is a very transitional shade, and has made its way into every season of my wardrobe. It pairs easily with pink, black, beige, you naaaaaame it. Enjoy :) 


Crew Neck: Costco

Pink Pants: American Apparel

Black Jacket: Aritzia (Babaton)

Shoes: Vans


Knit Sweater: American Apparel

Black Pants: American Apparel

Pink Jacket: Vintage

Shoes: Doc Martens

Socks: Obey


Green Jacket: TopShop

Turtle-Neck: Aritzia (Wilfred)

Pink Dress: Highline

Bralette: PINK

Boots: Sorel


Skinny Scarf: Forever 21

Pink T-shirt: Forever 21

White Button Up: Noul

It's good to be back.